Perforated hose clamps W4

Perforated hose clamps W4

Perforated stainless steel clamps has a destructive torque 3 times more than conventional Hose Clamp W1. At worldwide scale the perforated clamps are dominating. To tighten the clamps can be used hexagonal or flat screwdriver. Clamping extensions from 6 to 76 mm. For larger clamping extensions is used endless band.

Destructive tightening torque: to 15 Nm
Material: stainless chromium-nickel steel (17-20% chromium, 9-12% nickel) AISI 304, DIN 1.4301

diameter / width of clamps
Box pricesBag prices
W4 perf 6-16/810000,25 EUR1000,33 EUR
W4 perf 11-20/810000,25 EUR1000,34 EUR
W4 perf 13-25/810000,26 EUR1000,35 EUR
W4 perf 14-27/1210000,48 EUR500,64 EUR
W4 perf 21-38/125000,52 EUR500,7 EUR
W4 perf 27-51/125000,6 EUR250,8 EUR
W4 perf 40-63/125000,68 EUR250,92 EUR
W4 perf 52-76/125000,72 EUR250,96 EUR

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