"EUROMODEL" Indexed clamping lever with threaded insert

Material: Galvanized steel, female thread
Surface: Satin
Body color lever: Black (RAL 9011)

Alternative color for body lever:Orange (RAL 2004 cod. 02)
Blue (RAL 5015 cod. 07)
Yellow (RAL 1021 cod. 10)
Red (RAL 3000 cod.16)
Green (RAL 6024 cod.17)
Grey (RAL 7035 cod. 13)

The material is resistant to oils and greases. The material is highly durable thanks to the reinforced fiberglass technopolymer.

Part NumberLRHDdchh1h2h3d1QPrice
for piece
A580-43 M045143331711,592932618M481,3 EUR
A580-43 M055143331711,592932618M5101,3 EUR
A580-43 M065143331711,592932618M6101,3 EUR
A580-52 M066352412215123640823M6141,6 EUR
A580-52 M086352412215123640823M8141,6 EUR
A580-52 M106352412215123640823M10141,6 EUR
A580-65 M067665432315133640824M6141,7 EUR
A580-65 M087665432315133640824M8141,7 EUR
A580-65 M107665432315133640824M10141,8 EUR
A580-80 M08938054271915,544488,529M8192 EUR
A580-80 M10938054271915,544488,529M10192 EUR
A580-80 M12938054271915,544488,529M12192 EUR
A580-94 M0810994563019184549930M8192,6 EUR
A580-94 M1010994563019184549930M10192,6 EUR
A580-94 M1210994563019184549930M12192,6 EUR
A580-108 M121251086434242151551035M12-2,8 EUR
A580-108 M141251086434242151551035M14-2,8 EUR
A580-108 M161251086434242151551035M16-3,4 EUR

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