Infinite Perforated Strap W2, W4, W5

Infinite Perforated Strap W2, W4, W5

The endless band with separate locpc for the production of any diameter hose clips. Tailoring to save material. This eliminates the need to store the clips of various diameters. Endless band W4 and locks W4 the chrome-nickel stainless steel (17-20% chromium, 9-12% nickel) AISI 304, DIN 1.4301. W2 lock is made of stainless steel, chromium (15-17% chromium) AISI 430, DIN 1.4016, the screw is made of galvanized steel. Comparison endless band W2 and W4:

Endless band W2: chrome steel, the width of the band 9mm, length 30m, thread is extruded, snap-locpc, strap for easier application in plastic packaging
Endless band W4
: chrome-nickel steel, strip width of 8 or 14mm, length 3 or 25 meters, the thread is perforated, the lock is not clip, not in a plastic container.

Part setprice/pc
Band W4, 8mm, 3m3,9 EUR
Band W4, 8mm, 25m31 EUR
Band W4, 14mm, 3m6,8 EUR
Band W4, 14mm, 25m55 EUR
Band W2, 8mm, 3m2,8 EUR
Band W2, 8mm, 25m22 EUR
Band W5,8mm, 25m44 EUR
lock W2, 8mm0,28 EUR
lock W2, 14mm0,56 EUR
lock W4, 8mm0,36 EUR
lock W4, 14mm0,76 EUR
lock W5, 8mm0,48 EUR

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