Equipment Handles - Two-Piece Design

Equipment Handles - Two-Piece Design

Black Aluminium Grip Bar, Glass-Reinforced Nylon Upper. Ideal for fitting to standard 19inch drawers.

Part NumberTypesizeInstallation TypepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4633691@401231695588,1(2U)*110 pc10 EUR16 EUR
4633701@40123110288132,5(3U)*110 pc11 EUR17 EUR
4633711@401231114100132,5(3U)*110 pc12 EUR18 EUR
4633721@401231134120177(4U)*110 pc12 EUR18 EUR
4633731@401231194180221,5(5U)*110 pc14 EUR22 EUR
4633741@401231249235266(6U)*110 pc16 EUR25 EUR
4633752@401231655588,1(2U)*110 pc14 EUR22 EUR
4633762@4012319888132,5(3U)*110 pc15 EUR24 EUR
4633772@401231110100132,5(3U)*110 pc16 EUR24 EUR
4633782@401231130120177(4U)*110 pc16 EUR25 EUR
4633792@401231190180221,5(5U)*110 pc18 EUR28 EUR
4633802@401231245235266(6U)*110 pc19 EUR30 EUR
4633813@@401231705588,1(2U)*110 pc14 EUR22 EUR
4633823@@40123110388132,5(3U)*110 pc15 EUR23 EUR
4633833@@401231115100132,5(3U)*110 pc15 EUR24 EUR
4633843@@401231135120177(4U)*110 pc16 EUR25 EUR
4633853@@401231195180221,5(5U)*110 pc17 EUR27 EUR
4633863@@401231250235266(6U)*110 pc19 EUR29 EUR
4633871@401231432943,5(1U)*210 pc10 EUR16 EUR
4633881@40123187,573,588,1(2U)*210 pc11 EUR17 EUR
4633891@401231132118132,5(3U)*210 pc12 EUR19 EUR
4633901@401231176,5162,5177(4U)*210 pc13 EUR21 EUR
4633912@40123187,577,588,1(2U)*210 pc15 EUR23 EUR
4633922@401231132122132,5(3U)*210 pc16 EUR25 EUR
4633932@401231176,5166,5177(4U)*210 pc17 EUR27 EUR
4633943@@40123187,572,588,1(2U)*210 pc14 EUR22 EUR
4633953@@401231132117132,5(3U)*210 pc16 EUR25 EUR
4633963@@401231176,5161,5177(4U)*210 pc17 EUR26 EUR

* 1U = 44.45mm or 13/4inch.
@ Fitting for Type 1 and 2; M5 female-threaded blind brass bus.
@@ Fitting for Type 3; supplied with socket head cap screws M5 x 45 and self-locking nuts

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