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Twin Stick® - kiss cut pieces on a roll

Twin Stick® - kiss cut pieces on a roll

Double Sided Permanent Adhesive Foam Pads. Ideal for assembling corrugated displays. Perfect for mounting wobblers. Die cut pieces suppplied on a roll. Agresive rubber based adhesive on both sides. Works well with; corrugated, chipboard, wood, lowsurface energy plastics, powder coats and UV coatings.

Part NumbersizePieces per RollpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4700270,812,7x12,710000168 EUR75 EUR
4700000,812,7x25,4100001128 EUR141 EUR
4700010,812,7x50,8100001272 EUR298 EUR
4700020,812,7x76,250001198 EUR217 EUR
4701200,819,1x19,110000177 EUR85 EUR
4700050,819,2x76,250001285 EUR312 EUR
4700060,825,4x25,4100001263 EUR288 EUR
4700070,825,4x50,863001329 EUR360 EUR
4700080,825,4x76,240001306 EUR335 EUR
4700290,825,4x101,625001260 EUR285 EUR
4700151,619,2x76,225001129 EUR142 EUR
4700161,625,4x25,4100001283 EUR310 EUR
4700171,625,4x50,850001225 EUR246 EUR
4700191,625,4x101,625001186 EUR204 EUR
4700423,225,4x25,4120001427 EUR467 EUR
4700233,225,4x50,827001210 EUR230 EUR
4700243,225,4x76,220001215 EUR235 EUR
4700253,225,4x101,620001281 EUR307 EUR
4700266,425,4x25,450001297 EUR326 EUR
4700336,425,4x76,210001217 EUR238 EUR

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