Compression Action Panel Latches

Compression Action Panel Latches

Black or Silver Powder-Coated Die-cast Zinc.
Lock turns clockwise, closes latch and then compresses the door tight shut.
Compression action gives vibration resistance.
.Two head options available in two sizes.

Small Size -Black
Part NumberGrip RangeMax. Panel Thicknesspackprice/pcprice/pc
Knob TypeKey TypeMin.Max.
5000865000789,512,713144 EUR44 EUR
50008750007912,715,913144 EUR44 EUR
50008850008015,91913144 EUR44 EUR
5000895000811922,213144 EUR44 EUR

Large Size - Black
Part NumberPawl ForwandPawl ReversedMax. Panel Thicknesspackprice/pcprice/pc
8mm HexKey TypeMin.Max.Min.Max.
50009350009911,427,266,376,218147 EUR47 EUR
50009450010025,441,152,668,318147 EUR47 EUR
50009550010138,954,638,954,618147 EUR47 EUR

Large Size - Silver
Part NumberPawl ForwandPawl Reversedpackprice/pcprice/pc
8mm HexKey TypeMin.Max.Min.Max.
50009650010211,427,266,376,2149 EUR49 EUR
50009750010325,441,152,668,3149 EUR49 EUR
50009850010438,954,638,954,6149 EUR49 EUR

* Key - order separately (Key size same for both small and large latch)

Part NumberTypepackprice/pc
500092Key for Small Size112 EUR
500105Key for Large Size112 EUR

Optional Pull Tab - order separately. Pull Tab - Large Size only

Part Numberpackprice/pc
50010617,3 EUR

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