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Compression Action Panel Latches

Compression Action Panel Latches

Black or Silver Powder-Coated Die-cast Zinc.
Lock turns clockwise, closes latch and then compresses the door tight shut.
Compression action gives vibration resistance.
.Two head options available in two sizes.

Small Size -Black
Part NumberGrip RangeMax. Panel Thicknesspackprice/pcprice/pc
Knob TypeKey TypeMin.Max.
5000865000789,512,713153 EUR53 EUR
50008750007912,715,913153 EUR53 EUR
50008850008015,91913153 EUR53 EUR
5000895000811922,213153 EUR53 EUR

Large Size - Black
Part NumberPawl ForwandPawl ReversedMax. Panel Thicknesspackprice/pcprice/pc
8mm HexKey TypeMin.Max.Min.Max.
50009350009911,427,266,376,218157 EUR57 EUR
50009450010025,441,152,668,318157 EUR57 EUR
50009550010138,954,638,954,618157 EUR57 EUR

Large Size - Silver
Part NumberPawl ForwandPawl Reversedpackprice/pcprice/pc
8mm HexKey TypeMin.Max.Min.Max.
50009650010211,427,266,376,2159 EUR59 EUR
50009750010325,441,152,668,3159 EUR59 EUR
50009850010438,954,638,954,6159 EUR59 EUR

* Key - order separately (Key size same for both small and large latch)

Part NumberTypepackprice/pc
500092Key for Small Size114 EUR
500105Key for Large Size114 EUR

Optional Pull Tab - order separately. Pull Tab - Large Size only

Part Numberpackprice/pc
50010618,8 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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