Trademark ANACONDA

Retail and wholesale of hose clamps

OČVeD s.r.o. is a Czech company located in Dobrá, close to Frýdek-Místek, and established in 2000. The company is well-known particularly due to its specialization in hose clamps, which are manufactured under our ANACONDA brand.

The wide assortment of hose clamps of various dimensions excels based on the high-quality workmanship, materials used, and at the same time affordable prices.

We have been able to plant our roots in various places throughout Europe. We have more than 12 000 satisfied customers: quick response to e-mails, all clamps in stock (only very seldom are items not in stock, and in such cases we always provide our customers with a better option at the same price), free samples and catalogues, manufacture of special clamps upon request, web pages that are truly quick to load.

Hose clamps Anaconda
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