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Wood screws with hexagonal head

Wood screws with hexagonal head

This product is not for sale! Binding material.

Wood screws with Hexagon head. Screws are made of hardened steel; Surface finish: white zinc. Strength of: 4.6

5x207860 pc0 EUR
5x305640 pc0 EUR
5x404200 pc0,01 EUR
5x602870 pc0,01 EUR
6x205050 pc0 EUR
6x304220 pc0,01 EUR
8x302010 pc0,01 EUR
8x401560 pc0,01 EUR
10x50840 pc0,03 EUR
10x60690 pc0,03 EUR
10x70638 pc0,04 EUR
10x80555 pc0,04 EUR
10x90500 pc0,04 EUR
10x100458 pc0,05 EUR

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