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Compression Fit Plugs

Compression Fit Plugs

Designed to protect DKO- compression fittings. Fin gives a firm fit into the DKO-swivel nut. Material: Yellow LDPE. Dimensions in mm.

Part NumberThreadTo fit DKO fitingsDdhL1L2packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
465632M12x1,56L1611,8718121500 pc0,15 EUR0,21 EUR
465633M14x1,56S,8L1913,8719,5121500 pc0,15 EUR0,22 EUR
465634M16x1,58S,10L21,515,8723141500 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
465635M18x1,510S,12L2517,87,525141500 pc0,17 EUR0,23 EUR
465636M20x1,512S2719,87,526141500 pc0,17 EUR0,27 EUR
465637M22x1,514S,15L2921,87,531141500 pc0,15 EUR0,24 EUR
465638M24x1,516S3023,87,531141000 pc0,18 EUR0,29 EUR
465639M26x1,518L3225,8831141000 pc0,22 EUR0,36 EUR
465640M30x220S,22L3529,51031,5141000 pc0,36 EUR0,58 EUR
465641M36x225S,28L4035,51034141000 pc0,4 EUR0,66 EUR
465642M42x230S5041,5104015750 pc0,44 EUR0,72 EUR
465643M45x235L5044,5104015750 pc0,47 EUR0,77 EUR
465644M52x238S,42L6051,5104515750 pc0,58 EUR0,96 EUR

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