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Hexagonal Caps

Hexagonal Caps

Natural LDPE. Hexagonal caps are available in all common hydraulic coupling sizes. Rigid design allows easy application and removal. Also suitable for protecting round components.

Part Numbersize (mm)Std Pack Qty (pc)Price/Package/pcprice/pc
46486811162810,7500 pc0,11 EUR0,18 EUR
46486914183013,7500 pc0,08 EUR0,14 EUR
46487016203215,7500 pc0,11 EUR0,18 EUR
46487117203216,7500 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
46487219253918,7500 pc0,11 EUR0,22 EUR
46487322253921,6500 pc0,13 EUR0,21 EUR
46487424284223,6500 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
46487525284224,6250 pc0,18 EUR0,24 EUR
46487627284226,6250 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
46487729304428,6250 pc0,17 EUR0,28 EUR
46487830304429,6250 pc0,18 EUR0,36 EUR
46487932304431,6250 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
46488036304435,5250 pc0,24 EUR0,33 EUR
46488138314537,5100 pc0,22 EUR0,36 EUR
46488241314540,5100 pc0,22 EUR0,37 EUR
46488346324645,5100 pc0,24 EUR0,39 EUR
46488450324649,5100 pc0,24 EUR0,41 EUR

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