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Cinch Straps: Standard & Hanging

Cinch Straps: Standard & Hanging

Strap- Black Nylon 11, plastic buckles. Hook and loop design of strap holds hoses securely while allowing the hoses to expand or contract as pressure changes. Heavy duty version is reinforced with Ballistic Cordura® Nylon and is ultrasonically welded to 1 1/2 hook and loop material. All hadrware is nickel-plated steel.

Standard Cinch Straps
Part NumberCircumference of Hose BundlesStraps in a packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
TCS-410053,7 EUR6,1 EUR
TCS-820054,8 EUR7,8 EUR
TCS-1230055,1 EUR8 EUR
TCS-1640656 EUR9,4 EUR
TCS-2050857 EUR11 EUR
THCS-4*10057,1 EUR11 EUR
THCS-8*20058 EUR12 EUR
THCS-12*30058,9 EUR14 EUR
THCS-16*40659,9 EUR15 EUR
THCS-20*508511 EUR17 EUR

* Bands with an eye.

Heavy Duty
Part NumberCircumference of Hose BundlesStraps in a packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
TCS-4H100515 EUR23 EUR
TCS-8H200515 EUR23 EUR
TCS-12H300515 EUR24 EUR
TCS-16H406516 EUR18 EUR
TCS-20H508517 EUR27 EUR
TCS-24H609518 EUR29 EUR
THCS-4H*100519 EUR30 EUR
THCS-8H*200520 EUR31 EUR
THCS-12H*300521 EUR33 EUR
THCS-16H*406522 EUR35 EUR
THCS-20H*508523 EUR36 EUR

* Bands with an eye.

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