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Quick Sleeves

Quick Sleeves

Black 1050 ballistic basket weave with 1 - 1 1/4 oz urethene coating on one side. Eliminates hydraulic line contamination during hose replacement. Resistant to heat, ozone and abrasion. Easy assembly and removal of bundles.

Part NumberInternal DiameterRoll Length (m)price/m
TQS-250,84549 EUR
TQS-376,24558 EUR
TQS-4101,64564 EUR
TQS-51274574 EUR
TQS-6152,44575 EUR
TQS-7177,84599 EUR
TQS-8203,245115 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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