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Premium Fire Protection Sleeve

Premium Fire Protection Sleeve

Outer Sleeve: Grey Silicone. Inner Sleeve: 6 Micron Calcium Silicate Yarn. Premium Protection Cover for cables, hydraulic leads and rubber hose lines. Provides protection against high temperatures, radiation heat, direct flames and liquid metal splashes. Inner sleeve has good insulation properties, 700°C service temperature. Smooth and thick extruded silicone auter cover. Keeps shape well allowing easy application onto straight hoses, pipes and cables.

Premium Fire Protection Sleeve
Part NumberInternal Diametermeters in the packagePrice/Package/pcprice/m
566101025667 EUR42 EUR
566151525759 EUR47 EUR
566202025882 EUR55 EUR
566222225935 EUR59 EUR
5662525251004 EUR63 EUR
5662828251057 EUR66 EUR
5663030251134 EUR71 EUR
5663232251182 EUR74 EUR
5663535251274 EUR80 EUR
5664040251593 EUR100 EUR
5665050251852 EUR116 EUR
5666060253090 EUR193 EUR

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