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O-Rings - Imperial

O-Rings - Imperial

Nitrile (NBR) 70, FPM 75

Imperial O-Ring Kits
Part NumberMaterialPrice for
490030NBR 7023 EUR
490032FPM 75148 EUR

Individual Parts
Part NumberMaterialsize (mm)Stück pro SetStd Pack QtyPrice/Package/pcPrice
for piece
Internal DiameterCross
600635NBR2,91,7820100 pc0,03 EUR0,11 EUR
600665FPM2,91,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600636NBR3,681,7820100 pc0,04 EUR0,11 EUR
600666FPM3,681,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600637NBR4,481,7820100 pc0,04 EUR0,12 EUR
600667FPM4,481,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600638NBR5,281,7820100 pc0,11 EUR0,12 EUR
600668FPM5,281,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600639NBR6,071,7820100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600669FPM6,071,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600640NBR7,661,7820100 pc0,11 EUR0,12 EUR
600670FPM7,661,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600641NBR9,251,7820100 pc0,12 EUR0,12 EUR
600671FPM9,251,7820100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600642NBR9,192,6213100 pc0,11 EUR0,13 EUR
600672FPM9,192,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600643NBR10,782,6213100 pc0,12 EUR0,17 EUR
600673FPM10,782,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600644NBR12,372,6213100 pc0,11 EUR0,21 EUR
600674FPM12,372,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600645NBR13,952,6213100 pc0,12 EUR0,23 EUR
600675FPM13,952,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600646NBR15,542,6213100 pc0,12 EUR0,17 EUR
600676FPM15,542,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600647NBR17,132,6213100 pc0,11 EUR0,18 EUR
600677FPM17,132,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600648NBR18,722,6213100 pc0,12 EUR0,23 EUR
600678FPM17,132,6213100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
600649NBR18,643,5310100 pc0,12 EUR0,2 EUR
600679FPM18,643,5310100 pc0,62 EUR1 EUR
600650NBR20,223,5310100 pc0,13 EUR0,38 EUR
600680FPM20,223,5310100 pc0,62 EUR1 EUR
600651NBR21,823,5310100 pc0,17 EUR0,32 EUR
600681FPM21,823,5310100 pc0,62 EUR1 EUR
600652NBR23,403,5310100 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
600682FPM23,403,5310100 pc0,62 EUR1 EUR
600653NBR24,993,5310100 pc0,21 EUR0,25 EUR
600683FPM24,993,5310100 pc0,75 EUR1,2 EUR
600654NBR26,583,5310100 pc0,23 EUR0,38 EUR
600684FPM26,583,5310100 pc0,75 EUR1,2 EUR
600655NBR28,173,5310100 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
600685FPM28,173,5310100 pc0,75 EUR1,2 EUR
600656NBR29,753,5310100 pc0,17 EUR0,28 EUR
600686FPM29,753,5310100 pc0,75 EUR1,2 EUR
600657NBR31,343,5310100 pc0,21 EUR0,29 EUR
600687FPM31,343,5310100 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR
600658NBR32,923,5310100 pc0,18 EUR0,3 EUR
600688FPM32,923,5310100 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR
600659NBR34,523,5310100 pc0,19 EUR0,38 EUR
600689FPM34,523,5310100 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR
600660NBR36,103,5310100 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
600690FPM36,103,5310100 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR
600661NBR37,693,5310100 pc0,2 EUR0,33 EUR
600691FPM37,693,5310100 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR
600662NBR37,475,337100 pc0,21 EUR0,34 EUR
600692FPM37,475,337100 pc2,3 EUR3,8 EUR
600663NBR40,655,337100 pc0,38 EUR0,36 EUR
600693FPM40,655,337100 pc2,3 EUR3,8 EUR
600664NBR43,825,337100 pc0,23 EUR0,38 EUR
600694FPM43,825,337100 pc2,3 EUR3,8 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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