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O-Rings - Metric

O-Rings - Metric

Nitrile (NBR) 70, FPM 75

Part NumberMaterialPrice for
490033NBR 7030 EUR
490034FPM 75106 EUR

Individual Parts
Part NumberMaterialsize (mm)StŘck pro SetStd Pack QtyPrice/Package/pcPrice
for piece
Internal DiameterCross
600695NBR4,11,650100 pc0,06 EUR0,08 EUR
600713FPM4,11,650100 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
600696NBR6,11,650100 pc0,06 EUR0,08 EUR
600714FBM6,11,650100 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
600697NBR8,11,650100 pc0,06 EUR0,08 EUR
600715FPM8,11,650100 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
600698NBR10,11,650100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600716FPM10,11,650100 pc0,18 EUR0,3 EUR
600699NBR12,11,650100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600717FPM12,11,650100 pc0,18 EUR0,3 EUR
600700NBR14,11,650100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600718FPM14,11,650100 pc0,18 EUR0,3 EUR
600701NBR5,62,425100 pc0,06 EUR0,08 EUR
600719FPM5,62,425100 pc0,23 EUR0,45 EUR
600702NBR6,62,425100 pc0,06 EUR0,08 EUR
600720FPM6,62,425100 pc0,23 EUR0,45 EUR
600703NBR7,62,425100 pc0,06 EUR0,08 EUR
600721FPM7,62,425100 pc0,23 EUR0,45 EUR
600704NBR9,62,425100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600722FPM9,62,425100 pc0,27 EUR0,45 EUR
600705NBR11,62,425100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600723FPM11,62,425100 pc0,27 EUR0,45 EUR
600706NBR14,62,425100 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
600724FPM14,62,425100 pc0,27 EUR0,45 EUR
600707NBR19,53,010100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
600725FPM19,53,010100 pc0,64 EUR1,1 EUR
600708NBR24,53,010100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
600726FPM24,53,010100 pc0,64 EUR1,1 EUR
600709NBR26,53,010100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
600727FPM26,53,010100 pc0,64 EUR1,1 EUR
600710NBR31,53,010100 pc0,17 EUR0,28 EUR
600728FPM31,53,010100 pc0,67 EUR1,1 EUR
600711NBR32,53,010100 pc0,17 EUR0,28 EUR
600729FPM32,53,010100 pc0,84 EUR1,4 EUR
600712NBR39,53,010100 pc0,17 EUR0,28 EUR
600730FPM39,53,010100 pc0,84 EUR1,4 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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