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Assembly beam

Assembly beam

Material: Zinc Plated Steel

Part NumbersizeMaterial thickness (mm)Lpackprice/pc
ONOSNW10000020027/181,25200120,54 EUR
ONOSNW10000040027/181,25400120,81 EUR
ONOSNW10000060027/181,25600121,3 EUR
ONOSNW10000150027/181,251500122,8 EUR
QNOSNW11250200027/181,252000243,7 EUR
ONOSNW11250300027/181,253000245,5 EUR
ONOSNW11750200028/301,752000126,9 EUR
ONOSNW11750300028/301,7530001210 EUR
ONOSNW11750600028/301,756000121 EUR
ONOSNW11500200038/401,50200067,8 EUR
ONOSNW11500300038/401,503000612 EUR
ONOSNW11500600038/401,506000123 EUR
ONOSNW10200200038/402,00200069,6 EUR
ONOSNW10200300038/402,003000614 EUR
ONOSNW10200600038/402,006000129 EUR
ONOSNW12500200040/602,502000123 EUR
ONOSNW12500300040/602,503000135 EUR
ONOSNW12500600040/602,506000169 EUR

Transport price subject of agreement.

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