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Support conduit

Support conduit

Material: Zinc Plated Steel

Part NumberMaterial thickness (mm)DLengthpackprice/pc
OZLABW1002020000,55202000101,2 EUR
OZLABW1002520000,55252000101,5 EUR
OZLABW1003220000,55322000101,8 EUR
OZLABW1004020000,55402000102,1 EUR
OZLABW1005020000,55502000102,6 EUR
OLABW1006320000,55632000102,8 EUR
OZLABW1007520000,55752000103,5 EUR
OZLABW1009020000,55902000105 EUR
OZLABW1002030000,55203000101,8 EUR
OZLABW1002530000,55253000102,3 EUR
OZLABW1003230000,55323000102,6 EUR
OZLABW1004030000,55403000103,1 EUR
OZLABW1005030000,55503000103,9 EUR
OZLABW1006330000,55633000104,2 EUR

Transport price subject of agreement.

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