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Heavy-Duty Recessed Caps

Heavy-Duty Recessed Caps

Black LDPE. Protection pipe bevels and internal walls from corrosion and damage. Accept crane hooks for moving pipes during storage, transit and laying. Resistant to tempreratures from -30°C to +60°C. Available with or without vent hole.

No Vent Hole
Part NumberTo Fit Pipe SpecificationsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
DINDiameter [mm]fromWTHH1
110423DN1506"168,31510090450 pc4,6 EUR7,6 EUR
110424DN1506"168,32310090450 pc3,6 EUR5,9 EUR
110425DN2008"219,11510090250 pc5,2 EUR8,1 EUR
110426DN2008"219,12310090250 pc4,4 EUR7,3 EUR
110427DN25010"2731510090160 pc6,8 EUR11 EUR
110428DN25010"2732310090160 pc9,9 EUR16 EUR
110429DN25010"2733210090160 pc5,3 EUR8,8 EUR
110430DN30012"323,9151009025 pc7,9 EUR10 EUR
110431DN30012"323,9231009025 pc7,9 EUR10 EUR
110432DN30012"323,9321009025 pc7,9 EUR10 EUR
110433DN35014"355,6231009095 pc7,9 EUR12 EUR
110434DN35014"355,6321009095 pc7,9 EUR12 EUR
110435DN40016"406,4231009075 pc9,2 EUR14 EUR
110436DN40016"406,4321009075 pc9,2 EUR14 EUR
110437DN50020"508231009036 pc13 EUR20 EUR
110438DN50020"508321009036 pc13 EUR20 EUR

Vent Hole
Part NumberTo Fit Pipe SpecificationsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
DINDiameter [mm]fromWTHH1
110439DN1506"168,31510090450 pc4,8 EUR7,9 EUR
110440DN1506"168,32310090450 pc4,3 EUR7 EUR
110441DN2008"219,11510090250 pc5,7 EUR8,9 EUR
110442DN2008"219,12310090250 pc11 EUR17 EUR
110443DN25010"2731510090160 pc6,1 EUR9,5 EUR
110444DN25010"2732310090160 pc5,7 EUR9,4 EUR
110445DN25010"2733210090160 pc11 EUR17 EUR
110446DN30012"323,9151009025 pc6,6 EUR10 EUR
110447DN30012"323,9231009025 pc8,2 EUR13 EUR
110448DN30012"323,9321009025 pc7,9 EUR10 EUR
110449DN35014"355,6231009095 pc8,8 EUR14 EUR
110450DN35014"355,6321009095 pc7,9 EUR12 EUR
110451DN40016"406,4231009075 pc13 EUR20 EUR
110452DN40016"406,4321009075 pc9,2 EUR14 EUR
110453DN50020"508231009036 pc13 EUR20 EUR

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