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Full-Face Flange Protectors

Full-Face Flange Protectors

Yellow LDPE. Flexible fins ensure snug fit into bores. For flanges to DN 2627-2638,150,BS5504 and ANSIB16, 5.

Part NumberDINDiameter [mm]sizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
43975DN 103/8"714,18615,4700 pc0,42 EUR0,7 EUR
43976DN 151/2"9,119,29016,1500 pc0,48 EUR0,8 EUR
43977DN 203/4"14,32410021,1350 pc0,74 EUR1,2 EUR
43978DN 251"18,429,911021750 pc0,77 EUR1,3 EUR
43979DN 321 1/4"22,539,113621600 pc0,96 EUR1,6 EUR
43980DN 401 1/2"304514621400 pc1,2 EUR1,9 EUR
43981DN 502"405616020,3300 pc1,4 EUR2,4 EUR
43982DN 652 1/2"537218120,5200 pc1,7 EUR2,8 EUR
43983DN 803"678519524,7150 pc1,9 EUR3 EUR
43984DN 1004"90109,2521723,6100 pc1,9 EUR3,1 EUR
43985DN 1255"11113424626,170 pc2,5 EUR4,2 EUR
43986DN 1506"139,516428032,250 pc3,7 EUR6,1 EUR
43987DN 2008"187208,633633,525 pc5,7 EUR8,9 EUR
43988DN 25010"24426640335,615 pc6,9 EUR11 EUR
43989DN 30012"28431945048,510 pc10 EUR16 EUR

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