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1-Ear deformation clamps W1/W4

1-Ear deformation clamps W1/W4

Single-eye deformation clips have a deformation zone thanks to which they can be mounted on the required joint easily and quickly. Special pliers are designed for deformation. This type of hose clip is used for permanent joints which are widely used in the automotive industry, in agriculture, the food industry, etc. It is a more space-saving solution than in the case of conventional screwed clips. We manufacture them in galvanized steel W1 and stainless steel W4.

Box pricesBag prices
W1 7-9/6,010000,09 EUR1000,12 EUR
W1 8-10/6,010000,09 EUR1000,12 EUR
W1 9-11/6,510000,09 EUR1000,12 EUR
W1 10-12/6,510000,09 EUR1000,12 EUR
W1 11-13/6,510000,1 EUR1000,13 EUR
W1 12-14/7,010000,12 EUR1000,16 EUR
W1 14-16/7,010000,14 EUR1000,18 EUR
W1 16-18/7,010000,16 EUR1000,2 EUR
W4 7-9/6,010000,24 EUR1000,3 EUR
W4 8-10/6,010000,26 EUR1000,34 EUR
W4 9-11/6,510000,27 EUR1000,35 EUR
W4 10-12/6,510000,29 EUR1000,38 EUR
W4 11-13/6,510000,3 EUR1000,38 EUR
W4 12-14/7,010000,32 EUR1000,42 EUR
W4 13-15/7,010000,33 EUR1000,43 EUR
W4 14-16/7,010000,34 EUR1000,45 EUR
W4 15-17/7,010000,34 EUR1000,45 EUR
W4 16-18/7,010000,35 EUR1000,46 EUR
W4 17-19/7,510000,39 EUR1000,5 EUR
W4 18-20/7,510000,39 EUR1000,51 EUR

Prices are without VAT (always for one product item). If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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