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1-Ear deformation clamps W1/W4 with liner

1-Ear deformation clamps W1/W4 with liner

The eye clips with inserts have similar properties to conventional deformation clips. But in addition, the insert removes the excess space occurring under the eye, which ensures firm and perfect adhesion to the joint. Furthermore, the inserts have rounded edges which ensure that the clamped material cannot be damaged accidentally. In the area under the eye they are provided with an inner notch, which prevents damage to the hose at the moment of deformation. If necessary for the application of the clip alone, we offer special deformation pliers. This type of hose clip is ideal for complex plastic joints or extremely hard and soft rubbers. We manufacture deformation hose clips in two versions: galvanized steel W1 and stainless steel W4.

Box pricesBag prices
W1 7,5-8,5/6,010000,2 EUR1000,26 EUR
W1 8,0-9,5/6,010000,2 EUR1000,26 EUR
W1 9,0-10,5/6,510000,21 EUR1000,27 EUR
W1 10,0-11,5/6,510000,22 EUR1000,28 EUR
W1 10,5-12,5/6,510000,22 EUR1000,29 EUR
W1 11,5-13,3/7,010000,25 EUR1000,33 EUR
W1 13,0-15,3/7,010000,26 EUR1000,34 EUR
W1 15,0-17,3/7,010000,29 EUR1000,38 EUR
W1 16,0-18,3/7,510000,32 EUR1000,42 EUR
W1 17,0-19,3/7,510000,36 EUR1000,48 EUR
W4 7,5-8,5/6,010000,37 EUR1000,48 EUR
W4 8,2-9,5/6,010000,39 EUR1000,51 EUR
W4 9,0-10,5/6,510000,4 EUR1000,52 EUR
W4 10,0-11,5/6,510000,42 EUR1000,55 EUR
W4 10,5-12,5/6,510000,46 EUR1000,6 EUR
W4 11,5-13,5/7,010000,48 EUR1000,62 EUR
W4 12,5-14,5/7,010000,5 EUR1000,65 EUR
W4 13,0-15,3/7,010000,52 EUR1000,68 EUR
W4 14,0-16,3/7,010000,52 EUR1000,68 EUR
W4 15,0-17,3/7,010000,52 EUR1000,68 EUR
W4 16,0-18,3/7,510000,56 EUR1000,73 EUR
W4 17,0-19,3/7,510000,56 EUR1000,73 EUR

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