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High Temperature Plugs

High Temperature Plugs

Natural Silicone Rubber. Type 1. Recommended for plating, anodising, spray painting & other finishing applications. Excellent sealing capacity. Ideal for plain and threaded holes. High temperature resistance. Type 2. Cost-effective solution for larger sizes due to hollowed centre. More flexible than solid plugs allowing easier application.

Part NumberTypeFor threadsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4614931---1,60,415,910000,06 EUR0,07 EUR
4614941M2--20,519,110000,03 EUR0,06 EUR
413211M2--3,20,815,910000,06 EUR0,07 EUR
413221M3--3,21,615,910000,06 EUR0,06 EUR
413231M3,M4--4,81,615,910000,06 EUR0,1 EUR
4614951M3,M4--4,81,619,110000,05 EUR0,07 EUR
4614961M3,M4,M5--5,51,238,110000,1 EUR0,15 EUR
413241M5,M61/4"-6,43,219,110000,06 EUR0,12 EUR
4614971M5,M61/4"-6,43,225,410000,1 EUR0,15 EUR
413251M7,M85/8"1/16"8,74,815,910000,12 EUR0,17 EUR
4614981M7,M85/8"1/16"8,74,825,410000,16 EUR0,26 EUR
4614991M103/8"1/8"9,56,412,71000,12 EUR0,21 EUR
4615001M103/8"1/8"9,56,419,11000,14 EUR0,24 EUR
4615011M127/16"-11,18,717,51000,21 EUR0,34 EUR
430081M10,M123/8"1/8"11,16,425,45000,21 EUR0,41 EUR
413271M127/16"-129185000,23 EUR0,38 EUR
4615021M10,M12,M147/16"1/2"9/16"1/4"14,37,928,61000,36 EUR0,7 EUR
4615031M10,M12,M14-||-1/4"14,37,925,41000,38 EUR0,63 EUR
413281M14,M161/2"9/16"-15,110,325,41000,42 EUR0,7 EUR
4615041M14,M169/16"5/8"3/8"15,911,122,21000,39 EUR0,63 EUR
413291M165/8"3/8"16,712,725,42000,48 EUR0,8 EUR
4615051M14,M16,M185/8"3,8"17,511,125,41000,48 EUR0,77 EUR
4615061M18,M203/4"-19,114,314,31000,38 EUR0,62 EUR
413301M18,M203/4"-19,114,325,41000,41 EUR0,67 EUR
413311M203/4"1/2"19,815,925,41000,5 EUR0,82 EUR
4615071M20,M223/4"1/2"20,315,915,91000,47 EUR0,77 EUR
4615081M22,M247/8"-23,519,119,11000,7 EUR1,2 EUR
413141M22,M247/8"-23,818,325,41000,85 EUR1,4 EUR
413321M22,M241"3/4"25,419,825,41001 EUR1,6 EUR
413331M27--272325,41001,3 EUR2,1 EUR
413341M301 1/8"-27,923,825,41001,3 EUR2,1 EUR
413351M331 1/4"-31,826,225,41001,6 EUR2,7 EUR
413361M331 1/4",1 3/8"1"33,42725,41001,9 EUR3,1 EUR
4615091M361 3/8"-36,530,225,41002 EUR3,2 EUR
4615101M391 1/2"-38,931,825,41002,2 EUR3,6 EUR
4615111M39,M421 1/2"1 1/4"41,333,325,41002,6 EUR4,3 EUR
4615121M42-1 1/4"42,935,725,41002,9 EUR4,7 EUR
4615131M48--4,537,325,41003,1 EUR5,1 EUR
4615141M48-1 1/2"4638,125,41003,3 EUR5,4 EUR
4615151--1 1/2"5041,325,4503,8 EUR6,3 EUR
4615161M56--52,444,525,4504,3 EUR7 EUR
4615171M56--5647,625,4504,8 EUR7,9 EUR
4615181M64-2"62,75025,4505 EUR7,8 EUR
4615191M64-2"63,55425,4505,4 EUR8,4 EUR
4615201---68,357,925,4506 EUR9,4 EUR
4615211--2 1/2"7561,934,9509,9 EUR15 EUR
4615221--3"88,976,238,11015 EUR24 EUR
4615231---101,682,638,11019 EUR30 EUR
4615241--4"12788,950,8535 EUR55 EUR
1100602-1 1/2"-393125501,8 EUR3 EUR
1100612M42,M45-1 3/8"433625502,2 EUR3,7 EUR
1100622---463825502,7 EUR4,4 EUR
1100632---534525253,2 EUR5,3 EUR
1100642M60,M62--635025253,9 EUR6,4 EUR

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