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High-Temperature Washer Plugs

High-Temperature Washer Plugs

Natural Silicone Rubber. Plug threaded or plain holes. Mask surface area around hole. Integral washer and plug combination performs as a single unit. High-Temperature Washer Plugs.

Part NumberTo Fit HolesizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
434001/4"-M36,41,743,76,410000,08 EUR0,12 EUR
43397--M4,M57,92,33,634,610000,08 EUR0,17 EUR
433985/16"1/16"M6,M89,53,35,14710000,12 EUR0,21 EUR
434015/16"1/16"M7,M912,7477,39,510000,2 EUR0,32 EUR
433993/8",1/2"1/8",1/4"M10,M1212,77,39,98,111,55000,24 EUR0,41 EUR
High-Temperature Washer Plugs - Black EPDM
Part NumberTo Fit HolesizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4616191/4"-M36,41,743,76,410000,05 EUR0,08 EUR
461620--M4,M57,92,33,634,610000,05 EUR0,09 EUR
4616215/16"1/16"M6,M89,53,35,14710000,09 EUR0,17 EUR
4616225/16"1/16"M7,M912,7477,39,510000,13 EUR0,22 EUR
4616233/8",1/2"1/8",1/4"M10,M1212,77,39,98,111,55000,17 EUR0,27 EUR

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