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Bridge hose clamp W2

Bridge hose clamp W2

Stainless steel bridge buckle is designed to corrosive environment on the spiral hose. With spiral hose bridge hugs all around. Clips are produced in a right-handed or left-handed embodiment. Right-handed spiral hose can be recognized so that when we put it perpendicular to the body, thus moving away from us spiral clockwise.

Left-handed bridge clamp
W2 55-75/91,2 EUR
W2 65-85/91,3 EUR
W2 75-95/91,4 EUR
W2 85-105/91,4 EUR
W2 95-115/91,5 EUR
W2 105-125/91,5 EUR
W2 115-135/91,6 EUR
W2 125-145/91,6 EUR
W2 135-155/91,7 EUR
W2 145-165/91,8 EUR
W2 155-175/91,8 EUR
W2 165-185/91,9 EUR
W2 175-195/91,9 EUR
W2 185-205/92 EUR
W2 195-215/92 EUR
W2 205-225/122,2 EUR
W2 215-235/122,3 EUR
W2 225-245/122,4 EUR
W2 235-255/122,4 EUR
W2 245-265/122,4 EUR
W2 255-275/122,6 EUR
W2 265-285/122,5 EUR
W2 275-295/122,6 EUR
W2 285-305/123 EUR

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