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Straight  band Type 1

Straight band Type 1

Staples in flat form are intended to technology and applications that require this type of clip. Zinc coated steel clamps W2 are suitable for a non-corrodible environment. Hexagon for screws (C7) is able to be used for montage also you can use cross screwdriver. It can produce other dimensions than those shown in the table.

Box pricesBag prices
Straight band W1 40-6010000,16 EUR500,22 EUR
Straight band W1 60-8010000,18 EUR500,24 EUR
Straight band W1 70-9010000,2 EUR500,26 EUR
Straight band W1 120-14010000,3 EUR500,39 EUR
Straight band W2 20-3210000,17 EUR500,22 EUR
Straight band W2 30-5010000,19 EUR500,25 EUR
Straight band W2 40-6010000,2 EUR500,26 EUR
Straight band W2 55-7510000,22 EUR500,3 EUR
Straight band W2 90-11010000,28 EUR500,37 EUR
Straight band W2 105-1255000,3 EUR500,39 EUR
Straight band W2 120-1405000,33 EUR500,43 EUR
Straight band W2 130-1505000,34 EUR500,45 EUR
Straight band W2 140-1605000,38 EUR500,5 EUR
Straight band W2 155-1755000,44 EUR500,57 EUR
Straight band W4 20-3210000,46 EUR500,59 EUR

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