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Qtr Turn Latch with Wingknob - Long Housing

Qtr Turn Latch with Wingknob - Long Housing

Die-cast zinc
Cam: Steel
Ideal for sound-proof or isolated doors

Part NumberGrip Range (mm)size (mm)Std Pack QtyPrice/Package/pcPrice
for piece
Chrome PlatedBlack Powder CoatedH1H2
49145549145828302050 pc10 EUR16 EUR
49145649145930302050 pc10 EUR16 EUR
49145749146033302050 pc10 EUR16 EUR
49146149146438403050 pc12 EUR19 EUR
49146249146540403050 pc12 EUR19 EUR
49146349146643403050 pc12 EUR19 EUR
49146749147048504050 pc13 EUR20 EUR
49146849147150504050 pc13 EUR20 EUR
49146949147253504050 pc13 EUR20 EUR
49147349147658605050 pc14 EUR22 EUR
49147449147760605050 pc14 EUR22 EUR
49147549147863605050 pc14 EUR22 EUR

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