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Plastic Lock with Finger Grips

Plastic Lock with Finger Grips

Polyamide. Finger grips allow user to pull door open.

Lock Nut Style
Part NumberGrip RangeL (mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
46834118,53550 pc5,6 EUR8,8 EUR
46834224,53550 pc5,6 EUR8,8 EUR
46834322,54550 pc5,6 EUR8,8 EUR
46834418,52550 pc5,6 EUR8,8 EUR
Snap in Style
Part NumberTypeGrip RangeL (mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4684905mm Double Bit18,53550 pc5,8 EUR9,2 EUR
4684915mm Double Bit24,53550 pc5,8 EUR9,2 EUR
4684925mm Double Bit22,54550 pc5,8 EUR9,2 EUR
4684935mm Double Bit18,52550 pc5,8 EUR9,2 EUR
468494Euro Key18,53550 pc11 EUR17 EUR
468495Euro Key24,53550 pc11 EUR17 EUR
468496Euro Key22,54550 pc11 EUR17 EUR
468497Euro Key18,52550 pc11 EUR17 EUR

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