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Cover Locks

Cover Locks

Material: Die-Cast Zinc Alloy. 5 mm Double Bit Head. Chrome Plated Finish. Seals to IP65.

All dimensions in mm.
Part NumberH (mm)Grip RangepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
46834920305013 EUR21 EUR
46835020345013 EUR21 EUR
46835120365013 EUR21 EUR
46835220385013 EUR21 EUR
46835320405013 EUR21 EUR
46835430405014 EUR22 EUR
46835530445014 EUR22 EUR
46835630465014 EUR22 EUR
46835730485014 EUR22 EUR
46835830505014 EUR22 EUR
46835940505016 EUR24 EUR
46836040545016 EUR24 EUR
46836140565016 EUR24 EUR
46836240585016 EUR24 EUR
46836340605016 EUR24 EUR
46836450605017 EUR27 EUR
46836550645017 EUR27 EUR
46836650665017 EUR27 EUR
46836750685017 EUR27 EUR
46836850705017 EUR27 EUR

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