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Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy or Polyamide. Type 1 & 2: Both styles have the same set of key heads. Type 2: Smaller grip area and ideal for use with mini cam locks.

All dimensions in mm.
Part NumberHead StyleTypeMaterialpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4685003mm Double Bit1Chrome Plated50 pc3 EUR4,9 EUR
4685015mm Double Bit1Chrome Plated50 pc3 EUR4,9 EUR
4685286mm Square1Chrome Plated50 pc2,2 EUR3,6 EUR
4685028mm Square1Chrome Plated50 pc3 EUR4,9 EUR
4685297mm Triangular1Chrome Plated50 pc2,2 EUR3,6 EUR
4685038mm Triangular1Chrome Plated50 pc3 EUR4,9 EUR
4685043mm Double Bit2Chrome Plated100 pc2 EUR3,3 EUR
4685055mm Double Bit2Chrome Plated100 pc2 EUR3,3 EUR
4685306mm Square2Chrome Plated100 pc1,5 EUR2,4 EUR
4685068mm Square2Chrome Plated100 pc2 EUR3,3 EUR
4685316,5/7mm Triangular2Chrome Plated100 pc1,5 EUR2,4 EUR
4685078mm Triangular2Chrome Plated100 pc2 EUR3,3 EUR
4685085mm Double Bit3Nylon100 pc1,3 EUR2,2 EUR
4685095mm Double Bit4Nylon100 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR

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