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Standard Pull Handles

Standard Pull Handles

Glass-Filled Thermoplastic or Duroplast. Economical strong handles. Type 1, 2 & 4 with brass female threaded blind bush. Type 3 with plain through- hole and recess for screw. Type 4 with gloss finish.

Part NumberTypeMaterialsizeThreadHole SizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4622281T105121263729M5x9-1005,7 EUR8,9 EUR
4622291T105121263729M6x9-1005,7 EUR8,9 EUR
4622301T110133264032M5x9-1006,2 EUR9,8 EUR
4622311T110133264032M6x9-1006,2 EUR9,8 EUR
4622321T117133264032M5x9-1006,7 EUR10 EUR
4622331T117133264032M6x9-1006,5 EUR10 EUR
4622341T117133264032M8x9-1006,5 EUR10 EUR
4622352T93,5112213630M6x9-1006,6 EUR10 EUR
4622362T117139264134M8x9-1006,9 EUR11 EUR
4622372T132156274537M6x9-1007,7 EUR12 EUR
4622382T132156274537M8x9-1007,7 EUR12 EUR
4622392T179204285042M8x9-10011 EUR17 EUR
4622403T93,5112213630-10,51005 EUR8,3 EUR
4622413T117139264134-10,51004,7 EUR7,4 EUR
4622423T117139264134-131004,7 EUR7,4 EUR
4622433T132156274537-10,51006,4 EUR10 EUR
4622443T132156274537-131006,4 EUR10 EUR
4622453T179204285042-131008,7 EUR14 EUR
4622464D105140304830M6x13-10011 EUR18 EUR
4622474D110140304830M6x9-10011 EUR18 EUR
4622484D117140304830M8x15-10011 EUR18 EUR
4622494D120140304830M6x9-10011 EUR18 EUR
4622504D120140304830M8x9-10011 EUR18 EUR
4622514D132160365636M8x15-5011 EUR18 EUR
4622524D132160365636M10x16-5011 EUR18 EUR

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