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Aluminium Handles

Aluminium Handles

Material: Black Aluminium. Lightweight, durable construction.

type 1
Part NumberColorsizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463283Black503710020M6x121022 EUR35 EUR
463284Black503711220M6x121023 EUR36 EUR
463285Black553811226M8x141027 EUR42 EUR
463286Black503712020M6x121023 EUR36 EUR
463287Black553812026M8x141028 EUR43 EUR
463288Black503712820M6x121024 EUR37 EUR
463289Black553812826M8x141028 EUR44 EUR
463290Black503716020M6x121025 EUR39 EUR
463291Black553816026M8x141030 EUR47 EUR
463292Black553818026M8x141031 EUR49 EUR
463293Black553819226M8x141032 EUR50 EUR
463294Black553835026M8x141055 EUR86 EUR

type 2
Part NumberColorsizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
461379Silver41331255M5105,2 EUR8,2 EUR
491380Silver41331288M5105,8 EUR9,1 EUR
491381Silver413312100M5106,5 EUR10 EUR
491382Silver413312120M5106,9 EUR11 EUR
491383Silver413312180M559,6 EUR15 EUR
491384Silver413312235M5513 EUR20 EUR
463295Black40321255M5x101015 EUR23 EUR
463296Black40321288M5x101015 EUR23 EUR
463297Black403212100M5x101015 EUR24 EUR
463298Black403212120M5x101016 EUR26 EUR
463299Black403212180M5x101020 EUR31 EUR
463300Black403212200M5x101021 EUR33 EUR
463301Black403212235M5x101023 EUR37 EUR
463302Black403212250M5x101024 EUR38 EUR

Type 3
Part NumberColorsizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463303Black463122120M6x12161 EUR95 EUR
463304Black533625140M8x15166 EUR104 EUR

Type 4
Part NumberColorsizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463305Black4030-86M5x101017 EUR27 EUR
463306Black4030-120M5x101021 EUR32 EUR
463307Black4030-180M5x101022 EUR35 EUR

Type 5
Part NumberColorsizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
491385Silver322510,5100M6106,5 EUR10 EUR
491386Silver504014,5125M61013 EUR20 EUR
491387Silver403018,8130M61016 EUR25 EUR

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