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Steel Pull Handles

Steel Pull Handles

Chrome Plated Steel
Insert Material: Steel

Each handle comes complete with nickel-plated dress ring, screws and washers.

Part Numbersize (mm)To fit
Thread Size
Std Pack QtyPrice/Package/pcPrice
for piece
4913882419588M310 pc3,5 EUR5,8 EUR
4913893325888M410 pc3,6 EUR5,9 EUR
4913903325896M410 pc3,7 EUR6 EUR
49139133318120M410 pc3,7 EUR6,1 EUR
491392413110120M510 pc3,8 EUR6,3 EUR
491393413110180M55 pc3,9 EUR6,4 EUR
491394413110235M55 pc8,7 EUR14 EUR

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