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Stand- Off Handles

Stand- Off Handles

Black Aluminium Grip Bar. Modern design with ribbed grip bar. Type 2 is designed for devices with modular front panels 19

type 1
Part NumbersizeThreadpackprice/pc
463324422026204180M8x201 pc39 EUR
463325422026224200M8x201 pc40 EUR
463326422026274250M8x201 pc43 EUR
463327422026324300M8x201 pc45 EUR
463328422026374350M8x201 pc48 EUR
463329422026424400M8x201 pc51 EUR
463330422026524500M8x201 pc56 EUR
463331422026624600M8x201 pc61 EUR

type 2
Part NumbersizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
46333240317355M5x1010 pc37 EUR57 EUR
46333340318769M5x1010 pc37 EUR58 EUR
463334403110688M5x1010 pc37 EUR59 EUR
4633354031118100M5x1010 pc38 EUR59 EUR
4633364031132114M5x1010 pc38 EUR60 EUR
4633374031138120M5x1010 pc38 EUR60 EUR
4633384031198180M5x1010 pc40 EUR62 EUR
4633394031218200M5x1010 pc40 EUR63 EUR
4633404031253235M5x1010 pc41 EUR64 EUR
4633414031268250M5x1010 pc42 EUR65 EUR

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