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Grip Knobs

Grip Knobs

Black Nylon 6 or Black Phenolic. Knurlech matte finish provides easy grip. High-impact resistant durable knob. Versions with internal and external threads. Resistant to oils, fuels and greases.

Type 1 - Matt Finish - High-Impact Resistant Nylon 6 - Male
Part NumbersizeThreadStud LengthpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4663461511M410500 pc0,33 EUR0,54 EUR
4663471511M510500 pc0,33 EUR0,55 EUR
4663482216M615500 pc0,44 EUR0,72 EUR
4663492216M815500 pc0,44 EUR0,72 EUR

Type 1 - Matt Finish - High-Impact Resistant Nylon 6 - Female
Part NumbersizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4663421511M4500 pc0,33 EUR0,55 EUR
4663431511M5500 pc0,33 EUR0,54 EUR
4663442216M6500 pc0,43 EUR0,7 EUR
4663452216M8500 pc0,43 EUR0,7 EUR

Type 2 - Black Nylon - Male
Part NumberThreadD (mm)Stud LengthpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
KTSR-15M04M10M41510500 pc0,58 EUR0,94 EUR
KTSR-15M04M15M41515500 pc0,58 EUR0,96 EUR
KTSR-15M04M25M41525500 pc0,6 EUR1,2 EUR
KTSR-23M05M10M52310500 pc0,99 EUR1,9 EUR
KTSR-23M05M15M52315500 pc1 EUR1,6 EUR
KTSR-23M05M25M52325500 pc1 EUR1,7 EUR
KTSR-23M06M10M62310500 pc1 EUR1,7 EUR
KTSR-23M06M15M62315500 pc1 EUR1,7 EUR
KTSR-23M06M25M62325500 pc1,1 EUR1,8 EUR
KTSR-23M06M30M62330500 pc1,1 EUR1,9 EUR
KTSR-23M06M40M62340500 pc1,2 EUR1,9 EUR
KTSR-28M08M25M82825500 pc1,2 EUR1,9 EUR
KTSR-28M08M30M82830500 pc1,2 EUR2 EUR
KTSR-28M08M50M82850500 pc1,2 EUR2 EUR

Type 2 - Black Nylon - Female
Part NumberThreadD (mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
KTSR-15M04FM415500 pc1,7 EUR2,7 EUR
KTSR-23M05FM523500 pc1,2 EUR1,9 EUR
KTSR-23M06FM623500 pc1,3 EUR2,2 EUR
KTSR-28M08FM828500 pc1,7 EUR2,9 EUR

Type 3 - Gloss Finish - Phenolic - Male
Part NumbersizeThreadStud LengthpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4663991416M410500 pc0,88 EUR1,4 EUR
4664001416M510500 pc0,88 EUR1,4 EUR
4664012022M515500 pc0,91 EUR1,5 EUR
4664022022M615500 pc0,91 EUR1,5 EUR

Type 3 - Gloss Finish - Phenolic - Female
Part NumbersizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4663951416M4500 pc1,3 EUR2,1 EUR
4663961416M5500 pc1,3 EUR2,2 EUR
4663972022M5500 pc1,4 EUR2,3 EUR
4663982022M6500 pc1,4 EUR2,3 EUR

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