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Open Handled Clamp Lever

Open Handled Clamp Lever

Material: Black Glass Filled Nylon. Open handle desing to stop dust collection. Low profile handle for use in limited space applications Knobs, Handles and Slides.

Part NumbersizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4660124226,51225,8M5105,3 EUR8,7 EUR
4660134226,51225,8M6105,3 EUR8,7 EUR
46601465361535M6104,9 EUR7,7 EUR
46601565361535M8104,9 EUR7,7 EUR
46601680462044M8105,9 EUR9,3 EUR
46601780462044M10106,1 EUR9,5 EUR
46601880462044M12106,4 EUR10 EUR

Part NumbersizeThreadThread lengthpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4660194226,51225,8M410105,3 EUR8,8 EUR
4660204226,51225,8M520104,7 EUR7,5 EUR
4660214226,51225,8M610104,9 EUR7,7 EUR
4660224225,81226,5M620104,9 EUR7,7 EUR
4660234226,51225,8M630105 EUR7,8 EUR
46602465361535M815105,4 EUR8,5 EUR
46602565361535M820105,4 EUR8,5 EUR
46602665361535M825105,4 EUR8,5 EUR
46602765351536M830105,5 EUR8,6 EUR
46602865362035M840105,6 EUR8,7 EUR
46602980462044M1020106,2 EUR9,7 EUR
46603080462044M1030106,3 EUR9,8 EUR
46603180462044M1040106,6 EUR10 EUR
46603280462044M1050106,8 EUR11 EUR
46603380462044M1230107,4 EUR12 EUR
46603480462044M1250107,6 EUR12 EUR

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