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Saddle Bases

Saddle Bases

Act as feet when fitted to bottom of tubes.

Material: Black LDPE
Part NumberTypesizeHole or Peg Dia.packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Fits Tube Dia.LengthWidth
SBFA2225-B122-25502251000 pc0,94 EUR1,5 EUR
SBFA25-45B12545255,71000 pc0,94 EUR1,5 EUR
SBFA2830-B128-30452551000 pc0,7 EUR1,1 EUR
SBFC1619-B216-1933225500 pc0,69 EUR1,1 EUR
SBFC2225-B222-2535255500 pc0,44 EUR0,72 EUR
SBFC2832-B228-3240315250 pc0,69 EUR1,1 EUR

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