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Felt-Based Tiltserts

Felt-Based Tiltserts

Insert with felt base to protect wooden floors surflaces. Material: Black Nylon with Felt Base.

Part NumberD (mm)I (gauge)h (mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463874191,5-2,0191750 pc0,91 EUR1,5 EUR
463875201,5-2,0191750 pc0,8 EUR1,3 EUR
463876221,5-2,0192500 pc0,89 EUR1,4 EUR
463877251,5-2,0192250 pc0,91 EUR1,5 EUR
463878281,5-2,0191500 pc1,2 EUR1,9 EUR
463879301,5-2,0191250 pc1,2 EUR2 EUR
463880321,5-2,0191250 pc1,2 EUR2 EUR

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