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Heavz-Duty Adjusters

Heavz-Duty Adjusters

Black Nylon. Integral hexagonal nut allows adjustment under load. Screwdriver slot in base enables fast assembly with power tools. Bases of 47,5 mm and 37,5 mm dia. (flat pattern only) have three moulded screw holes for fixing.

Part NumbersizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Foot Dia.Stud Length
RD25M1035F2535M10250 pc3,4 EUR5,6 EUR
RD25M1045F2545M10250 pc3,8 EUR6,2 EUR
RD25M1070F2570M10250 pc4,7 EUR7,8 EUR
RD375M1035F37,535M10250 pc3,6 EUR5,9 EUR
RD375M1045F37,545M10250 pc3,7 EUR6,1 EUR
RD475M1045F47,545M10175 pc4,1 EUR6,8 EUR
RD475M1045C*47,545M10175 pc3,7 EUR6,1 EUR
RD475M1070F47,570M10125 pc5,3 EUR8,8 EUR
RD25M1245F2545M12125 pc3,8 EUR6,4 EUR
RD475M1245F47,545M12200 pc4,2 EUR7 EUR

* Conical-shaped base.

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