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One-Piece Adjustable Feet

One-Piece Adjustable Feet

Black Nylon. Rugged, durable and heavy duty. Resist lateral stress. One-piece threaded insert and height adjuster.

Part NumbersizeAxial load in kg approximatepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
LI (gauge)Thread
46549420x201,5-2M10x25100100 pc0,23 EUR0,38 EUR
46081922x221,5-2M10x25100100 pc0,81 EUR1,3 EUR
46549525x251,5-2M16x25150100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
46549630x301,5-2M22x25300100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
46548935x351,5-2M22x25300100 pc0,46 EUR0,76 EUR
46549040x401,5-2M22x25300100 pc1,8 EUR3 EUR
46549145x451,5-2M30x30300100 pc0,81 EUR1,3 EUR
46549250x501,5-2M30x30300100 pc1 EUR1,6 EUR
Part NumbersizeAxial load in kg approximatepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
LI (gauge)Thread
465486321,5-2M22x25300100 pc0,31 EUR0,51 EUR
465488401,5-2M22x25300100 pc0,49 EUR0,8 EUR
465493451,5-2M30x30300100 pc0,68 EUR1,1 EUR
460830501,5-2M30x30300100 pc1,7 EUR2,8 EUR
463563*601,5-2M45x45300100 pc1,4 EUR2,3 EUR

* Black HIPS

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