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Premium Machinery Mounting Feet

Premium Machinery Mounting Feet

Material: Plain Base with Stainless Steel or ENP Mild Steel Stud. Stud manufactured from solid hexagon bar by rolling process ensuring both accuracy and strength of thread. Nylon base offers high-load capacity, chemical resistance and stability during temperature change.

Plain Black Nylon Base
Part NumberTypeThreadsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Foot Dia.Stud Length
462402Stainless Steel StudM855604814 EUR21 EUR
462403Stainless Steel StudM1055754814 EUR23 EUR
462404Stainless Steel StudM1255752416 EUR26 EUR
462405Stainless Steel StudM12551252424 EUR37 EUR
462406Stainless Steel StudM1270752421 EUR33 EUR
462407Stainless Steel StudM1270125829 EUR46 EUR
462408Stainless Steel StudM167075835 EUR55 EUR
462409Stainless Steel StudM1670150443 EUR68 EUR
462410Stainless Steel StudM1670200455 EUR87 EUR
462411Stainless Steel StudM1610075441 EUR64 EUR
462412Stainless Steel StudM16100150449 EUR76 EUR
462413Stainless Steel StudM20100150466 EUR103 EUR
462414Stainless Steel StudM241002004111 EUR173 EUR
462415ENP Mild Steel StudM1255752420 EUR32 EUR
462416ENP Mild Steel StudM12551252424 EUR38 EUR
462417ENP Mild Steel StudM1255150835 EUR55 EUR
462418ENP Mild Steel StudM1270752428 EUR43 EUR
462419ENP Mild Steel StudM1270150830 EUR47 EUR
462420ENP Mild Steel StudM167075829 EUR46 EUR
462421ENP Mild Steel StudM1670150434 EUR54 EUR
462422ENP Mild Steel StudM1610075439 EUR51 EUR
462423ENP Mild Steel StudM16100100423 EUR35 EUR
462424ENP Mild Steel StudM16100150439 EUR62 EUR
462425ENP Mild Steel StudM16100200455 EUR87 EUR
462426ENP Mild Steel StudM20100150457 EUR89 EUR

Bolt- Down Black Nylon Base
Part NumberTypeThreadsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Foot Dia.Stud Length
462427Stainless Steel StudM1210075829 EUR46 EUR
462428Stainless Steel StudM12100125833 EUR51 EUR
462429Stainless Steel StudM1610075839 EUR73 EUR
462430Stainless Steel StudM16100150846 EUR73 EUR
462431Stainless Steel StudM20100150461 EUR96 EUR
462432Stainless Steel StudM20100200478 EUR121 EUR
462433ENP Mild Steel StudM1210075827 EUR42 EUR
462434ENP Mild Steel StudM12100125831 EUR48 EUR
462435ENP Mild Steel StudM12100150832 EUR50 EUR
462436ENP Mild Steel StudM1610075829 EUR46 EUR
462437ENP Mild Steel StudM16100150839 EUR61 EUR
462438ENP Mild Steel StudM16100200845 EUR70 EUR
462439ENP Mild Steel StudM20100150452 EUR81 EUR
462440ENP Mild Steel StudM24100150471 EUR110 EUR

Plain Steel Base
Part NumberTypeThreadsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Foot Dia.Stud Length
462441Stainless Steel StudM838602447 EUR73 EUR
462442Stainless Steel StudM1038752449 EUR77 EUR
462443Stainless Steel StudM125575870 EUR110 EUR
462444Stainless Steel StudM1255125875 EUR117 EUR
462445Stainless Steel StudM1255160878 EUR121 EUR
462446Stainless Steel StudM1670754133 EUR250 EUR
462447Stainless Steel StudM16701504147 EUR229 EUR
462448Stainless Steel StudM16702004171 EUR267 EUR
462449Stainless Steel StudM201001504231 EUR361 EUR
462450ENP Mild Steel StudM167075477 EUR120 EUR
462451ENP Mild Steel StudM1670150484 EUR132 EUR
462452ENP Mild Steel StudM1670200496 EUR150 EUR
462453ENP Mild Steel StudM201001504129 EUR201 EUR
462454ENP Mild Steel StudM201002004130 EUR204 EUR

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