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Heavy-Duty Threaded Inserts

Heavy-Duty Threaded Inserts

Material: Nylon with Electroless Nickel-Plated Brass. Compensate for tube gauge tolerances. Designed for use with heavy-duty adjustable feet. Easy fitting.

Part NumberTube SizeGauge (mm)ThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
46239230x301,5M102417 EUR26 EUR
46239330x301,5M12817 EUR26 EUR
46239440x401,5M102417 EUR27 EUR
46239540x401,5M12817 EUR27 EUR
46239640x401,5M16418 EUR29 EUR
46239740x402M16418 EUR28 EUR
46239840x402M20418 EUR29 EUR
46239950x502M16423 EUR35 EUR
46240050x501,5M20423 EUR35 EUR
46240150x502M24431 EUR49 EUR

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