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Self-Adhesive Felt Pads

Self-Adhesive Felt Pads

Brown or White Felt. Can be used on the base of feet or inserts for smooth movement over floor surfaces.

Part NumberColorDiameter [mm]packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463918Brown105076 pc0,05 EUR0,06 EUR
463919Brown141500 pc0,05 EUR0,14 EUR
463920Brown161000 pc0,04 EUR0,07 EUR
463921Brown181000 pc0,04 EUR0,08 EUR
463922Brown201000 pc0,05 EUR0,14 EUR
463923Brown221000 pc0,06 EUR0,14 EUR
463924Brown241008 pc0,07 EUR0,12 EUR
463925Brown261024 pc0,14 EUR0,14 EUR
463926Brown281008 pc0,1 EUR0,16 EUR
463927Brown301008 pc0,14 EUR0,18 EUR
463928Brown32700 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
463929Brown36504 pc0,24 EUR0,28 EUR
463930Brown40504 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463931Brown45500 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463932Brown50400 pc0,28 EUR0,45 EUR
463933Brown60400 pc0,34 EUR0,58 EUR
463934Brown70300 pc0,47 EUR0,76 EUR
463947White105076 pc0,05 EUR0,06 EUR
463948White141500 pc0,05 EUR0,14 EUR
463949White161000 pc0,04 EUR0,07 EUR
463950White181000 pc0,04 EUR0,08 EUR
463951White201000 pc0,05 EUR0,14 EUR
463952White221000 pc0,06 EUR0,14 EUR
463953White241008 pc0,07 EUR0,12 EUR
463954White261024 pc0,14 EUR0,14 EUR
463955White281008 pc0,1 EUR0,16 EUR
463956White301008 pc0,14 EUR0,18 EUR
463957White32700 pc0,14 EUR0,22 EUR
463958White36504 pc0,24 EUR0,28 EUR
463959White40504 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463960White45500 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463961White50400 pc0,28 EUR0,45 EUR
463962White60400 pc0,34 EUR0,58 EUR
463963White70300 pc0,47 EUR0,76 EUR

Part NumberColorDiameter [mm]packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463935Brown20x201000 pc0,05 EUR0,14 EUR
463936Brown25x251024 pc0,08 EUR0,12 EUR
463937Brown30x301008 pc0,14 EUR0,18 EUR
463938Brown34x34504 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
463939Brown40x40504 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463940Brown45x45500 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463941Brown50x50400 pc0,28 EUR0,45 EUR
463942Brown100x100120 pc0,84 EUR1,4 EUR
463964White20x201000 pc0,05 EUR0,14 EUR
463965White25x251024 pc0,08 EUR0,12 EUR
463966White30x301008 pc0,14 EUR0,18 EUR
463967White34x34504 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
463968White40x40504 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463969White45x45500 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
463970White50x50400 pc0,28 EUR0,45 EUR
463971White100x100120 pc0,84 EUR1,4 EUR

Part NumberColorDiameter [mm]packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
463943Brown20x301008 pc0,14 EUR0,14 EUR
463944Brown20x401000 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
463945Brown25x351008 pc0,1 EUR0,24 EUR
463946Brown25x50900 pc0,14 EUR0,23 EUR
463972White20x301008 pc0,14 EUR0,14 EUR
463973White20x401000 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
463974White25x351008 pc0,1 EUR0,24 EUR
463975White25x50900 pc0,14 EUR0,23 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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