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Hand tightening pliers BAND-IT

Hand tightening pliers BAND-IT

Sturdy metal construction Hand Pliers BAND-IT for easy mounting of clamping bands. Suitable for belts: 4,6 mm - 19,05 mm.
Price: 109 EUR.

1. Insert band through buckle, teeth toward the user, ears up. For better result, continue band around object once again through buckle. Bend end of band under buckle.
2. Push axle handle so the band can be placed in slots of tool. Push nose of tool against the buckle.
3. Place finger on buckle bridge and apply tension by turning handle.
4. When desired tension is reached, swing tool over buckle. This movement increase tension of band and, to avoid breakage, handle must be reversed slightly as tool is swing over.
5. Pull cutter handle to cut band.
6. Remove tool, whilst holding band down with thumb.
7. Hammer ears down to seal the band.

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