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Stainless Steel Hose Clamps W2-12

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps W2-12

Stainless steel clamps are intended for corosive enviroment in more burden places, where does not fit the closer stainless steel clamp, band width 9 mm. Galvanized screw, band and housing stainless steel AISI 201. Clamping extension from 12 to 210 mm. For larger clamping extensions is used endless band.

Box pricesBag prices
W2 12-20/1210000,19 EUR500,24 EUR
W2 16-25/1210000,21 EUR500,28 EUR
W2 20-32/1210000,23 EUR500,3 EUR
W2 25-40/1210000,24 EUR500,32 EUR
W2 32-50/1210000,26 EUR500,34 EUR
W2 40-60/125000,28 EUR500,37 EUR
W2 50-70/125000,3 EUR500,39 EUR
W2 60-80/125000,34 EUR500,44 EUR
W2 70-90/125000,36 EUR500,47 EUR
W2 80-100/122500,38 EUR100,5 EUR
W2 90-110/122500,4 EUR100,53 EUR
W2 100-120/122500,42 EUR100,55 EUR
W2 110-130/122500,45 EUR100,58 EUR
W2 120-140/122500,48 EUR100,62 EUR
W2 130-150/122000,49 EUR100,64 EUR
W2 140-160/122000,51 EUR100,67 EUR
W2 150-170/122000,56 EUR100,72 EUR
W2 160-180/121000,6 EUR100,78 EUR
W2 170-190/121000,64 EUR100,84 EUR
W2 180-200/121000,68 EUR100,88 EUR
W2 190-210/121000,72 EUR100,92 EUR

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