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Metal-Threaded Square Inserts

Metal-Threaded Square Inserts

Material: HDPE with Steel Nut. Colour: Black. Standard-Duty insert. Ideal for use with adjustable feet, tilt glides and castors. Metal thread allows smooth repeatable adjustment.

Part NumbersizeThreadpackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Lhh1I (Wall thickness)
466268195201,0-1,5M61000 pc0,22 EUR0,44 EUR
466269205201,0-1,5M61000 pc0,24 EUR0,38 EUR
466270205201,0-1,5M81000 pc0,24 EUR0,41 EUR
466271255201,0-1,5M61000 pc0,29 EUR0,47 EUR
466272255201,0-1,5M81000 pc0,3 EUR0,48 EUR
466273305201,0-1,5M81000 pc0,33 EUR0,54 EUR
466274305201,0-1,5M101000 pc0,32 EUR0,54 EUR
466275355201,0-1,5M8500 pc0,37 EUR0,6 EUR
466276355201,0-1,5M10500 pc0,38 EUR0,74 EUR
466277405201,0-1,5M8500 pc0,44 EUR0,72 EUR
466278405201,0-1,5M10500 pc0,46 EUR0,74 EUR
466279405201,0-1,5M12500 pc0,48 EUR0,79 EUR
466280505201,0-1,5M8250 pc0,58 EUR0,94 EUR
466281505201,0-1,5M10250 pc0,58 EUR0,96 EUR
466282505201,0-1,5M12250 pc0,61 EUR1 EUR

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