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Ribbed Oval Inserts

Ribbed Oval Inserts

Material: Black Polyethylene.

Easy assembly
Spark-eroded surface unless otherwise stated.
Secure fixing.
Straight sides.

Flat Oval (Metric)
Part NumberTo Fit Tube SizeWall ThicknesspackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
460794*20x101.5-2.04000 pc0,26 EUR0,41 EUR
111556**30x150.8-2.04000 pc0,07 EUR0,12 EUR
46079635x151.2-2.53000 pc0,18 EUR0,29 EUR
46079735x201.0-3.02500 pc0,24 EUR0,33 EUR
46557838x201.0-3.02500 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
11155840x201.0-3.02250 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
46080050x201.0-3.01500 pc0,33 EUR0,55 EUR
46557950x251.0-2.51250 pc0,22 EUR0,36 EUR
46558050x301.0-2.51000 pc0,24 EUR0,33 EUR
46558160x201.0-2.01000 pc0,22 EUR0,37 EUR
46558260x301.0-2.0750 pc0,39 EUR0,63 EUR

* Gloss head finish.
**Also available in Mid Grey, Dark Grey and White.

Part NumberLxL1(ins)l(gauge)h1(mm)h(mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
1115571 1/4x5/811-2011,53,53000 pc0,12 EUR0,18 EUR

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