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Tapered Ferrules

Tapered Ferrules

Taperd Ferrules are ideals as protective cap for protruding wire, steel rods or bars.
Give neat finish to tubular products.
Flexible for easy fitting.

Type 1 (Imperial) - Black
Part Numberd(ins)d(mm)D(ins)D(mm)h(ins)h(mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
503233/164,813/3210,315/2311,9100000,06 EUR0,12 EUR
503791/46,313/2310,315/2311,9100000,07 EUR0,08 EUR
129235/167,91/212,79/1614,3100000,12 EUR0,17 EUR
60423*5/167,933/6415,529/322050000,13 EUR0,22 EUR
5097819/329,519/3215,15/815,825000,14 EUR0,23 EUR
51110*1/212,747/6418,629/322340000,19 EUR0,3 EUR

* Low-density polyethylene.

Type 2 (Metric) - Black
Part Numberd (mm)H (mm)h (mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
46544141195000 pc0,04 EUR0,07 EUR
465444513105000 pc0,04 EUR0,07 EUR
465435614115000 pc0,07 EUR0,08 EUR
465439816135000 pc0,06 EUR0,12 EUR
4654361018145000 pc0,08 EUR0,12 EUR
4654401221173000 pc0,1 EUR0,16 EUR
4608691423182000 pc0,12 EUR0,21 EUR
4608701625202000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4654431827222000 pc0,21 EUR0,34 EUR
4654342030241000 pc0,23 EUR0,38 EUR
4654332232261000 pc0,32 EUR0,53 EUR
465437253630750 pc0,4 EUR0,66 EUR
465447283832500 pc0,43 EUR0,7 EUR
465446304134500 pc0,51 EUR0,84 EUR
465442324339400 pc0,53 EUR0,87 EUR
465445354740250 pc0,67 EUR1,1 EUR

Type 2 (Metric) - White
Part Numberd (mm)H (mm)h (mm)packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
60024041195000 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
600243513105000 pc0,07 EUR0,14 EUR
600238614115000 pc0,12 EUR0,14 EUR
600246816135000 pc0,12 EUR0,17 EUR
6002411018145000 pc0,14 EUR0,23 EUR
6002481221173000 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
6002391423182000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4608801625202000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
6002471827222000 pc0,24 EUR0,4 EUR
6002452030241000 pc0,32 EUR0,52 EUR
6002442232261000 pc0,32 EUR0,52 EUR
600242253630750 pc0,39 EUR0,65 EUR
600233283832500 pc0,48 EUR0,77 EUR
600249304134500 pc0,6 EUR0,99 EUR
600250324339400 pc0,66 EUR1,1 EUR
600251354740250 pc0,84 EUR1,4 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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