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Nylon Cable Glands

Nylon Cable Glands

Nickel Plated Brass. Protection Rating IP68. Locknut and sealing washer availeble separately.

Metric Range
Part NumberThreadLength of thread for mountingCable RangepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
467509M12x1,553,0-6,525 pc2,2 EUR3,7 EUR
467510M12x1,552,0-5,025 pc2,2 EUR3,7 EUR
467511M16x1,564,0-8,025 pc2,6 EUR4,2 EUR
467512M16x1,562,0-6,025 pc2,6 EUR4,2 EUR
467515M20x1,56,56,0-12,025 pc3,4 EUR5,6 EUR
467516M20x1,56,55,0-9,025 pc3,4 EUR5,6 EUR
467519M25x1,5713,0-18,025 pc5,9 EUR9,2 EUR
467520M25x1,579,0-16,025 pc5,9 EUR9,2 EUR
467521M32x1,5818,0-25,010 pc9,8 EUR15 EUR
467522M32x1,5813,0-20,010 pc9,8 EUR15 EUR
467523M40x1,5822,0-32,010 pc20 EUR31 EUR
467524M40x1,5820,0-26,010 pc20 EUR31 EUR
467525M50x1,5932,0-38,010 pc30 EUR48 EUR
467526M50x1,5925,0-31,010 pc30 EUR48 EUR
467527M63x1,51037,0-44,010 pc47 EUR73 EUR
467528M63x1,51029,0-35,010 pc47 EUR73 EUR

PG Range
Part NumberThreadLength of thread for mountingCable RangepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
467489PG 753,0-6,525 pc2,2 EUR3,7 EUR
467490PG 752,0-5,025 pc2,2 EUR3,7 EUR
467491PG 964,0-8,025 pc2,6 EUR4,2 EUR
467492PG 962,0-6,025 pc2,6 EUR4,2 EUR
467493PG 1165,0-10,025 pc2,9 EUR4,8 EUR
467494PG 1163,0-7,025 pc2,9 EUR4,8 EUR
467495PG 13,56,56,0-12,025 pc3,4 EUR5,6 EUR
467496PG 13,56,55,0-9,025 pc3,4 EUR5,6 EUR
467497PG 166,510,0-14,025 pc4,5 EUR7,4 EUR
467498PG 166,57,0-12,025 pc4,5 EUR7,4 EUR
467499PG 21713,0-18,025 pc5,9 EUR9,2 EUR
467500PG 2179,0-16,025 pc5,9 EUR9,2 EUR
467501PG 29818,0-25,010 pc9,8 EUR15 EUR
467502PG 29813,0-20,010 pc9,8 EUR15 EUR
467503PG 36822,0-32,010 pc20 EUR31 EUR
467504PG 36820,0-26,010 pc20 EUR31 EUR
467505PG 42932,0-38,010 pc30 EUR48 EUR
467506PG 42925,0-31,010 pc30 EUR48 EUR
467507PG 481037,0-44,010 pc45 EUR70 EUR
467508PG 481029,0-35,010 pc45 EUR70 EUR

NPT Range
Part NumberThreadLength of thread for mountingCable RangepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
4675293/8"NPT154,0-8,025 pc2,7 EUR4,5 EUR
4675303/8"NPT152,0-6,025 pc2,7 EUR4,5 EUR
4675311/2"NPT136,0-12,025 pc3,1 EUR5,1 EUR
4675321/2"NPT135,0-9,025 pc3,1 EUR5,1 EUR
4675333/4"NPT1313,0-18,010 pc5,8 EUR9,1 EUR
4675343/4"NPT139,0-16,010 pc5,8 EUR9,1 EUR
4675351"NPT1918,0-25,010 pc9,1 EUR14 EUR
4675361"NPT1913,0-20,010 pc9,1 EUR14 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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