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Collar Plugs

Collar Plugs

Orange LDPE. Self- tapping design. Highly durable due to thick wall.

Part NumberSizesizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
464111M2821,314,57,55000 pc0,05 EUR0,08 EUR
464112M3832,220125000 pc0,05 EUR0,08 EUR
464113M483,92,922,5152500 pc0,05 EUR0,08 EUR
464114M5953,727,517,52500 pc0,05 EUR0,08 EUR
464115M6105,84,427,517,52500 pc0,05 EUR0,08 EUR
464116M7116,55,227,517,52500 pc0,05 EUR0,09 EUR
464117M8147,56,227,517,52000 pc0,07 EUR0,14 EUR
464118M9148,56,827,517,52000 pc0,07 EUR0,14 EUR
464119M10169,57,630,520,51500 pc0,08 EUR0,14 EUR
464120M1218119,630,520,51500 pc0,09 EUR0,14 EUR

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